What a year it’s been – unprecedented, house arrest. Who would have ever thought that this virus we heard about a little over a year ago would quite literally “stop the world”. I remember previously in chaotic times in my life, I would say that “Stop the world, I want to get off”. Well it seems like someone was listening. For over a year now, with a short reprieve in the summer, we have been unable see family and friends. I didn’t spend Christmas with my Dad, he spent it on his own, for the very first time since my Mum died 8 years ago. I now haven’t seen my eldest son since Christmas when he returned to his flat in Edinburgh. I’m only 30 mins away, but it’s illegal to drive to Edinburgh from Fife at the moment. The world has gone slightly mad….

Home schooling hasn’t been a roaring success in our house. In fact on most days, it’s been a dismal failure. Future success now depends on the diligence and self-motivation of the child, only many children haven’t learned this skill yet -hell I even struggle with it and I’m pushing 50!

I’ve just looked back at my previous entries – full of great intentions, but never quite remember to post regularly despite having a million thoughts in my head at any given time, with no-where for them to go.

I think my new motto will be “Write and Post”. If I think about too long, or wait to have more to say or to catch up with everything I have missed, I won’t write or post anything. So here goes, write something and post…….

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